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- Our Muddy Cockapoo Story

It started with a little fluffball called Pickle.

This brave little cockapoo grew up…

... And became an adorable bigger fluffball.

Playing ball and exploring the great outdoors are her favourite hobbies.

She particularly loves chasing balls through muddy puddles!

Which is great… until the drive home!

So, her owners decided they needed something to protect the inside of their lovely cars and created the high quality waterproof back seat protector, named after the original mud magnet herself – the Picklebry!


Now the muddier the walk, the better!!

Pickle has been driven 100s of miles by her human chauffeurs to enjoy the best walks around the country. She’s even travelled from West Sussex to the very top of Scotland for the ultimate UK road trip – the North Coast 500.

A Picklebry    back seat cover is always fitted in the car to give Pickle a safe and comfortable journey, while protecting the upholstery!  


Picklebry paw dark.png
Picklebry paw dark.png
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