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Luxury Dog Car Seat Cover

Our premier product is the Picklebry waterproof car seat protector for dogs.

Get your hands (and paws) on your own seat cover with FREE UK Delivery and Seat Belt Clip.


It is inspired by a cheeky little cockapoo called Pickle. We love walk times but this usually results in dirty, muddy paws and occasionally a dab or two of the dreaded fox poo!

So, we developed the Picklebry padded car seat cover to make our car journeys home less mucky and more comfortable for all involved.


Robust & Comfortable

Protect your car seat from mud, sand, water, pet hair and scratches with this high-quality back seat cover.

  • Strong Polyester construction means it is robust and waterproof

  • Padded and quilted with a non-slip backing for your pet’s comfort and safety

Easy to fit

Fits most cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks, and is simple to install with:

  • Adjustable straps with clips to easily attach around seats’ headrests

  • Two seat anchors to tuck in between the seat cushions to keep the cover in place

  • Two-way zip openings for easy access to seat belt sockets



2 different ways to use:

  • As a hammock

​Helps your pet feel safe and protects the floor and the back of the front seats from dirt

  • As a fold-over seat cover

​Ideal for when you have human passengers too




Dimensions: 140cm x 145 cm

Material: 100% Polyester

Colour: Black

Package contents: 1 seat cover, plus FREE adjustable seat belt clip

The Picklebry car seat cover is our main product for the moment but look out for further products

to be introduced to the range in the future….

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